Did You have something stolen?

Every Monday morning CC’s Pawn Superstore reports all items we have loaned on or purchased.  All local law enforcement has access to this information.  If we purchase an item, we have to wait 30 days to sell that item.  If we have pawned the item, it will stay here for 90 days or until the […]

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Vehicle Loans

We do Loans on automobiles, RV’s, Trailers, Boats and ATV’s All you need is the title, the vehicle, a valid Drivers License and a few  signatures.  We will have to keep the vehicle. Call us today for more details:   (337)477-5565    

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OTR_jsFL_1-Super-Vinci-&-SBE-II (1)

Benellis and Water Fowl

It’s no secret Benellis are massively popular in the waterfowling shotgun world, and for good reason. They have a well-deserved reputation for reliability and ruggedness. For two decades, the Super Black Eagle has been Benelli’s flagship semi-auto. As the first autoloader chambered for 3½-inch 12-gauge magnums, the original SBE and updated SBE II have been […]

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Ruger News

As the national background check system performed a record number of checks over the past four months, Sturm, Ruger and Company saw an increase in sales and profits. Ruger had a 23 percent increase in net sales that resulted in a 76 percent increase in earnings from last year, said the company’s chief executive officer, […]

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pawn perks

The Pawn Perks are Real

You’ve heard us mention Pawn Perks in our YouTube Videos, but here it is in ACTION! This Loyal Customer just saved $23.00 on his purchase!  If you haven’t been to CC’s and seen how it is innovating in the Pawn Industry, you are missing out.  This is just the beginning friends! Repeat after me “The […]

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