Consumer Protection Plan






One of the Things we offer at CC’s Pawn Superstore that you won’t find anywhere else is our

Customer Protection Plan. 


We cover items that are most likely to fail or break after purchase from a typical pawn shop, we take extra steps to make sure our buys are of the highest quality, however with such high volume of merchandise, sometimes a lemon might slip through, and we aren’t going to give you line saying it doesn’t happen.


That’s what the Customer Protection Plan is for, we will take care of you and your purchase if something does go wrong.  If it does, we will replace it or give you equal credit or store credit if a replacement is not available, and of course we are open to negotiation.  We are still a Pawn Shop!


Items that are likely to break or fail are laptops computers, iPads, Tablets, Cell Phones, Video Devices, Cameras, Watches or Sporting goods.


for 10% of the total cost of your purchase, you will be covered for a whole month.  If in that time the device fails, or isn’t working right, BRING IT BACK! What other pawn shop will do this?


We do this because Customer Service is our #1 priority ALWAYS.  We want EVERY customer to be satisfied with CC’s Pawn Superstore, otherwise, we’re not a superstore are we?


So the next time you’re at CC’s Pawn Superstore, and you’re making a purchase of an item like I mentioned, spend the extra few bucks and cover yourself, you’ll be glad you did if there’s ever a problem, we don’t want you with a broken product.   We offer this service to you as a way to ensure your total 100% satisfaction.


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