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How to Never Lose your Instrument in a Pawn

I’ve been pawning guitars for years, my guitars are almost like my children.  I don’t know what i’d do without them.    But one thing my friends don’t seem to know is that i’m not risking losing them when I do pawn them.

Here’s my tips on how to Never lose your guitar or any pawned item (assuming you want it back)


  1. never take a loan for more than 20% of the total value of the item
  2. pay your interest (since you only took a small loan, the interest is easy to keep up with, and if you happen to be in a bind again, you can extend it for a minimal fee)
  3. keep your pawn ticket, it saves you money and makes it easier for the broker to help you redeem your item.

Just because you pawn something doesn’t mean you kiss it goodbye,  it’s a way to get some cash when you need it, and if you are smart about it and use the tips I give, you should never lose your precious item.

Just be sure that you go to a reputable shop that has climate controlled storage.   TIP: ask to see their facility,  they may not be able to let you in, but it doesn’t hurt to ask and even if they simply open the door to let you look in, it can give you piece of mind that your item won’t degrade while in storage.

And that’s about it! Pawning has saved me from overdue bills, insurance payments, emergency medical funds, and all kinds of stuff.   In Essence, that’s what we’re here for.

So when your friend tells you he’s pawned some precious item and you think he’s gone off the deep end, remember, pawns are just a short term loan with high interest, and 80% of pawned items are reclaimed.


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