Watches – 5 things to Consider



Things to Consider when choosing a Watch

1. Style– consider how you dress most of the time, do you tend to wear colorful clothes? or dark ones? your choice in watch may not always fit your style of clothes.



2. Scratch Resistance– nothing is worse than buying a watch and in a few months having the face scratched up and unable to tell the time without a double take.



3. Mechanical Movement– The true quality of a watch is in it’s mechanical movement, it’s design, the moving parts.  Are they quality? is it a finely tuned watch?  or something that was quickly manufactured that will not sustain bumps and bruises well?



4. Taking care of your watch–  Be sure when you select your watch and start wearing it that you consider it a crucial part of your attire, otherwise you may end up with a useless hunk of metal.   Think of it as a heirloom or cherished ring, and your watch whether quality made or not, will retain a longer life than if you hadn’t.



5. How do you know when you’ve got a “good” watch?– I recommend checking out swiss watch designers for a good measuring stick of what constitutes a good watch, the quality is pretty consistent.  A good place to start would be



So that’s it! 5 tips on what to consider when purchasing a watch!  At CC’s Pawn Superstore we have a growing selection of watches and some very high quality ones in that selection.

Happy Monday!

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