Why a Pawn shop? Why not!

The Pawn Shop Experience

The next time you need a tool? Think CC’s Pawn Superstore!

Shopping for jewelry?   Think CC’s Pawn Superstore!

Need a TV for the kids?   Think CC’s Pawn Superstore!

Guitar in your future?    Think CC’s Pawn Superstore!


A Pawn is collateral loan.  Money is loaned on an item you bring to us.  Our loans are for three months.  Each month you are charged interest and service charges totaling 20% of the original loan.  Payment of one monthly interest/service charge will extend your Pawn for another month.  Need some quick cash, come see us.


Do you have an item that you don’t need anymore?  We also buy all types of things.  Next time you are cleaning the closet or store room, call or come by and let us make you an offer on your item.



You would be amazed with the items we have.  The pre-loved items we in our store are valued priced.  This allows you to “stretch” your budget to maximize every dollar.



We invite you to come by and see us.  Our clean, comfortable atmosphere will make experience a memorable one.  Our knowledgeable friendly staff will make your visit unforgettable.  Our store is family friendly.  We encourage you to make us a stop on your next shopping excursion.




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